Capturing the Territory Vol 2

The time had come to produce a second coffee table book, but I was in need of more desert scenes. A big rain event was starting in Alice Springs, so in late January 2012 I quickly packed the troopie, grabbed my image library and headed south. It was eight weeks of non-stop work. If I was not photographing or driving to a new location, I was working on the book.

The solar panels and 1000W sine wave invertor in the troopie enabled me to easily run my hard drives and keep the laptop charged. I spent countless hours going back over my library combining images to create options for the final design. It was all about achieving balance and flow. Due to the size of my collection, there were many images I wanted to share, but they would not all fit. Maybe they will appear in Capturing The Territory Volume 3, or maybe they will never be seen – only time will tell.

My vehicle set up is great, but at times, there is little I can do in the face of Mother Nature. Being the only light source for many kilometres, a late night on the computer meant a battle with the unprecedented plagues of bugs and insects, brought out by heavy rain. A morning ritual of cleaning and picking insects out of the keyboard became routine. Then came the wind and the sand, which also found its way into the keyboard.

Secure your copy now and have a different Paul Arnold Photo on your coffee table everyday, simply by turning the page.