Cyclone Carlos

Tropical Cyclone began as a tropical low over La Belle Downs on 15 Feb 2011 and at the time I was camped in the area chasing a few storm shots. Camped above the Reynolds floodplain on a rocky outcrop is definitely not the best pace to be as a cyclone begins to develop but I had beeen in the area for awhile and was unaware of the development.

Just before midnight the wind picked up, and my two person mossie dome was really getting pushed around by the winds. Out into the rain and put what little stuff I still had out inside the car and tied my tent to the bullbar. I tried to get some sleep but with all the noise from the wind and the rain I was never going to have much luck.

With the dawn, came intensifying wind and rain, which saw me strike camp and head out for safer grounds before I was trapped for an indefinite period of time.

After many flooded crossings (including 4 at bonnet height of the landcruiser), and 24 hours later I managed to make it back from what should have been a 3-hour journey.

On arrival back in Darwin, I decided it was time to try to capture some of this beastly weather, so I headed for Nightcliff to check out the swell. With a plastic bag over the camera I captured a few images of the powerful waves including this one near Nightcliff Jetty.

Gallery Image Update/Jan 2018/48666.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Understand the situation. I have said it before, but knowing what is happening in a scene allows you to anticipate an event. In this case I studied the wave sets rolling in and learnt where the big ones were going to be. It meant I took less photos rather than multiple shots of every wave that crashed against the foreshore. I could then plan my capture and didn't have thousands of shots to work through after the shoot.