Karlu Karlu Rainbow

Planning and fore thought are generally an important part of an image but in the case of this rainbow over Devils Marbles it was more a case of a race against time. I was 40km north of the Marbles when a storm cell developed to the south of me, so I took off towards it. North of Bonnie Well (27km from the Marbles) a rainbow formed to the east and my dilemma was whether to photograph now or try to get to the Marbles in time for something really special.

The foot went down and the land cruiser peaked out at the speed limit. I was on a 15 minute race to the Marbles! The rainbow stayed, the clouds became darker and the rains came, but the sun stayed out to the west – near perfect conditions. I pulled up outside an area I thought would work, grabbed the camera gear, umbrella and ran barefoot through the spinifex to capture a special moment. Setting up I was nearly ready when the rains came and the sun disappeared. Camped under my umbrella, I surveyed the skies and waited. The rain slowed. Another rainbow. A ray of light from behind a cloud, and the scene grew before me into the image seen here.

The Devil’s Marbles is one of those features of the Territory that only nature could create.

Differential erosion overtime has created a landscape of small round boulders, some which appear to be balancing precariously on top of others. Located approximately 400km north of Alice Springs, Devils Marbles is an extraordinary and unique place to visit at anytime of the year.

Walking for hours amongst the boulders you will not see the same angle or shape twice, and can quite easily loose yourself in this unique treasure. The soft oranges, reds and browns of the early morning light, contrasting against the white eucalyptus trunk, caught my eye one morning.

Words cannot describe, and even photos cannot truly replace a perfect sunrise at the Devils Marbles or Karlu Karlu in the local language.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Know your subject. This is relatively easy if you photograph your local area because you see it everyday and the experience of the locations just builds up. Remember this when you go outside your comfort zone and into new areas. You need to experience and understand that area to truly do it justice. Taking time out to understand the area and it's subjects will benefit you in the long run. I know the Devil's Marbles, which meant even though I was not on location at the start of the storm, I had 40km of driving to plan and picture the image in my head before I got there.