No. 21 Bore

My expedition had taken me down through the Barkly Tablelands area and I had the weather against me for much of it, but that is the game I play. Travelling in the good times produces safe shots, but I was after more. The flies were in plague proportions, constantly in my ears, eyes, mouth and nose. They became a part of life for that period and acceptance was the only option. The wet season had been exceptionally dry and this meant the dry winds blowing constantly just picked up the top layers of dirt and covered everything. Small refreshing collections of water did not exist so it was a dry and dusty experience day in day out with no respite.

Maybe the Sandover Highway was going to offer something different…. how wrong was I.

It was even worse. I did find plenty, but nothing that was going to keep me for more than a day or so, then I found No 21 Bore. I locked it away in memory whilst I spent some more time looking around the area. Later that afternoon I made my way back to my target.

Night fell, my permanent friends the flies abated but the night insects came. No point putting a light on or working on the computer, the screen would be covered in minutes. Not a star to be seen just the continuous cloud from horizon to horizon. A small window of light was all I needed, and with that thought, I crawled into my swag.

Up before first light I struck camp and drove hopefully to No 21 Bore. Grabbing my gear and wind jacket I walked up onto the turkeys nest. I could just make out the two tracks disappearing off into the distance that were going to be the subject of my next shot. The wind was crazy and being a Top Ender - cold was an issue. Zipping the jacket and collar up I set off. I was hopeful as light was appearing to the east and there were a few breaks in the cloud line, which could let that elusive sun through. A pink sunrise. Wow, that was a first on the trip but that was not the subject of my mornings capture so I just enjoyed it. I needed the sun higher to get the effect I was after.

Bang through she came. Roads to somewhere, windmill spinning flat out, cattle wandering in for the life giving water it produced, me rugged up against the bitter desert winds, up above the surrounding plains on the turkeys nest -waiting - waiting.

The sun managed to get though a gap in the clouds and it gave life to a scene no computer could ever do. 'No 21 Bore' was captured.

(And yes the road is exactly like this in real life.)

Gallery Images/Panos/106954.jpg

Paul's 'Breaking the Rules' Photography Tip

With all the internet based experts preaching the rules of thirds, leading lines etc - photography is fast becoming a clinical show of who can produce the most shots that are technically correct. As an artist I rarely think about the rules, and trust my eye. I have my own artistic style that has been developed by looking at the scene, ignoring the rules and deciding what "looks right." A windmill in the middle of the image is just not the norm, but in this case produced an unusual and pleasing image.