Melaleuca's, billabongs, saltwater crocodiles, birds calling, mosquitoes buzzing, barra boofing - the typical Top End Billabong. But before all this happens I have loaded my 12 foot tinnie, and in the cover of darkness slid it into the still dark waters of a crocodile infested billabong. In this case I was on Yellow Water Billabong in Kakadu National Park.

I had already decided on my image from being on the water the day before (not to mention years of being on the billabong) so crept along the mirror waters on the electric motor. Nothing but the buzz of a thousand mosquitoes broke the stillness of the morning. An eeriness filled the air as I could feel crocodile eyes watching me from the inky black waters. A sense of space and freedom that comes with being the first one on the water.

The peacefulness of a billabong coming to life is something best enjoyed by oneself and when I was happy with the position of the shadows and the light from the sun I captured Serenity.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Shots like Serenity are a matter of timing and knowing exactly when to click the shutter. The easy option for most digital photographers is to click away - and then go home and sift through hundreds of images to find the right one. Having practiced the art of using my eye and noting the subtle changes, I can watch and enjoy the scene looking for that one moment in time, and taking just one image.