The Muddie

I was visiting a remote Territory beach, chasing some of those spectacular Dry Season colours, when I found a spot that provided stunning contrast against the red cliffs with the perfect blue sky.

Whilst composing my shot – Something moving into my view grabbed my attention. Initially I wasn’t sure exactly what is was and not being totally happy with my intended shot decided to investigate. As I ran up I realised it was a muddie and immediately wished I had brought my camera. The car was about a kilometre away but a quick there and back ensured by subject had not covered much ground whilst I was gone.

A late afternoon sun gave a really soft light so lying down with a setting sun behind me gave me the angles I wanted. The crab was not too happy with me blocking her way and obviously felt quite vulnerable so took the standard mud crab defensive stand with claws raised.

Perfect for me as I captured this image before letting her continue on her way to the safety of the water.

Blogs/Wildlife Images/43972.jpg

Paul's Wildlife Photography Tip

Getting down to eye level of the subject tends to give a better perspective. In this case laying down in the water allowed me to get the camera to look straight into the crabs face and therefore improve the effect of the claws.