Bynoe Harbour

A successful image capture can be the result of careful planning, or as in the case of this image, the accumulation of persistence, strategic decisions and some luck. I was chasing a potential storm near Noonamah (south of Darwin), hoping for some lightning opportunities, but unfortunately the storm lacked any real interest from a photography point of view. Not giving up yet, I decided to get in front of it by heading west towards Dundee Beach. I chose to go right, down a road I was not familiar with, as the road rapidly became a track filled with large holes, mud and water, before I turned down a smaller track, which was even worse.

Crossing bog holes and deep pockets of water, I pushed on, catching glimpses through the tress of the cell, which was looking exceptional.

Suddenly the road stopped. On my left was the storm, Bynoe Harbour in front of me, while there was clear sky to my right. Adrenalin pumping, I grabbed the tripod and camera bag and looked for the final shot. I only had minutes - no time to think, just instinct as the storm was about to hit exactly where I was standing.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Perfect your own form and style of photography. By doing this, when the pressure is on your instinct will take over and your experience will determine the one shot you need to get. Very hard to do in the digital age of photography because it is easy to take a hundred shots in the hope one is correct. One might be ok - but if you don't step back and trust your experience, it won't be something you're totally happy with.