Emerald Sea

Wanuwuy or Cape Arnhem is a favourite place of mine to visit. The landscape is truly spectacular, but it is the affinity of the traditional owners that gives it something extra. I remember during one visit watching an old man pass on the secrets of collecting turtle eggs to the younger generations and the laughter and banter that filled the air was infectious. I have spent many weeks camped in the area sometimes not seeing another person for days and it is during these times it is easy to imagine families and clans living off the spoils of the ocean without a worry in the world.

Wanuwuy has many moods and faces, each spectacular in its own right and this image captures just one of them.

My camp was about 1km from the start of the bauxite shelf and I would walk to it everyday morning and night doing the second part of my photographic philosphy of 1. find it 2. learn it 3. shoot it. It is one of those locations were you can easily get an image or 10 without much effort but that is where I then challenge myself and never settle for second best. I believe I could always get something better.

I was in my camp waiting for the afternoon light, when this storm surprised me from behind. Grabbing my gear I ran to the shelf quickly examining all possible angles, trying to determine what was the best one. Eventually I settled on this piece with its contrasting elements.

Gallery Images/Panos/103576.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

One location one shot. This seems a bit limiting I guess because many places have many great shots. My backyard is 3 million square kilometres so you can imagine how may photographs that would be if I put a dozen up from each location. An image is a story, an emotion and feeling captured as a single moment in time. I challenge myself to get that feeling in one shot because it makes me stop and really look at the scene before me.