At the intersection of the NT, South Australia and Queensland, Lake Poeppel is a dry salt encrusted lake for much of the year. Following a late wet, I was one of the first into the area for the season and had the privilege of seeing something special, unique and memorable.

Camping solo on the side of a salt lake in the middle of the desert, with nothing but the sounds of nature to break the silence. Nearing the end of seven weeks in the Simpson Desert, I spent a few days camping at Lake Poeppel. I woke early one morning - before any light broke the horizon - and walked out around the lake to where a large section of water glistened black under a million stars. In an attempt to capture the perfect image, I walked out knee deep into the salty, inky water and began a game of patience as I waited for the rippling waters around me to still. With my feet planted in sticky black mud below the surface, I stood motionless for an hour, watching as the early reds appeared then disappeared from the sky. Bitterly disappointed, I feared I would walk away with nothing, but just in case, I waited until I could see the sun itself. Photography is all about patience, and in the case of this morning it was definitely worth the wait.


Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Nature acts in it's own way and whilst I believe its always fantastic, it does not always put on a show. Be prepared for anything even if it is not necessarily what you really want - but also don't be disappointed if you get nothing. There is always tomorrow.