Force of Nature

I had been on Cobourg Peninsula for a few weeks and was really struggling for images. Surprising, considering such a pristine environment should be easy to photograph but that is the way it is sometimes. I had driven all over the area near Trepang Bay learning what subjects were available to me so that when something did happen I was ready.

On the afternoon of 19th November 2010 I was storm chasing, but nothing in particular was really happening, until I noticed the storm passing behind this particular set of trees. After checking the suns position I set up in anticipation, and paced up and down the beach hoping for the light to come good. I moved my camera a few times as the storm tracked behind the trees - but still no light.

Suddenly the first rays of light came out from behind the clouds, and this scene grew before me. The life and colour that appeared was truly something that only Mother Nature could create.

I named this photo ‘Force of Nature’ as a combination of the remnants of trees, which were the product of a cyclone a few years earlier, along with the impending storm serve to remind us just how powerful nature can be.

Force of Nature

Paul's Storm Chasing Photography Tip

Be prepared to change your shot. When shooting a standard scene it can be a lot easier because you can work out composition and then wait for the right light. When shooting storms be prepared to adjust your shot many times as clouds move through your scene. Photography is always a compromise and sometimes you have to compromise the best composition to showcase another feature of the scene.