Golden Plains

The golden grassy plains of the Stock Route in the Barkly Tablelands are alive with wildlife, but much of it remains hidden. The high number of raptors I spotted in the area was testament to the volume of reptiles, rodents and mammals living beneath the apparent safety of the grasses. It took many days travelling up and down the Stock Route, watching how the light, shade and colour would change in different areas of the grass before I finally felt I had a grasp on what I wanted to capture. I chose this area and grabbed my camera, tripod and ladder and headed off towards the three lonely trees before the sun was too low. As the sun was setting and the light softened the yellows and golds across the seemingly endless grassy plain, I captured this image.

Gallery Images/Panos/61640.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Step 2 of my photographic philosophy... 1. Find it 2. Learn it 3. Shoot it. Learning can take time. Many of the places I visit, I go back repeatedly and every time I learn a little more. Whether or not that transpires into an image does not worry me because the better I know my subject the better it pays off when the conditions are right.