During our Top End wet season this pocket of monsoonal rainforest is rarely visited - yet it is during this time that it is at its best. The floodwaters cascade off the escarpment, through the gorge, and onto the flood plains and billabongs around Nourlangie and the South Alligator River.

The special thing I find about Gubara is the fact that every time I visit it is different. Be it the physical aspects such as logs and the effect they have on water flow, or the actual water level itself. Either way it is always an inspiring area to visit.

The area had been hit fairly hard when Cyclone Monica had passed through and many trees where strewn throughout the area showcasing the strength of the cyclone. I was in the area looking for Leichardts Grasshoppers when I decided to visit. I was more interested in this particular area than the large pools because there was something about the huge boulders which had come off the escarpment and the monsoon forest in which they sat.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

When in a busy area with many possible components to add into the composition, take time out to sit down and observe what is in front of you. As I always say learn your subject or scene before you shoot it. It does take longer but you can develop and train your eye, which over the years will serve you better than firing off hundreds of images and hoping one is useable.