The Billabong

Billabongs, lotus lilies and saltwater crocodiles are all icons of The Territory. Shady Camp Billabong has all these icons, and is very popular with local anglers.

I love to visit this area during the build up because there is rarely anybody in the area and whilst conditions can be difficult, you can get many seasons in a day. I had begun this day before first light, but sadly the sunrise was very average. However the soft light after sunrise did provide some hope.

After a couple of crocs had returned to the water I walked in behind this bank of lilies and was surprised at the contrasts before me. There was a soft pink in the sky, heavy fog on the floodplain and dotted with the pink colour of the lilies.

It was a peaceful scene that stood before me one November morning, but reality was very different, as the crocs from the bank were watching – with eyes just visible not far away.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

When photographing landscapes in the Northern Territory in and around the river systems and billabongs, always be aware of your surroundings. There are saltwater crocodiles in amongst the lilies of this image but they are underwater. One lapse in concentration, doing something without proper care and one could easily put their life in danger. Be Croc Wise at all times.