The Territory

Storms, billabongs, and lightning are all icons of The Territory. Trying to get a daytime image of these three subjects can be challenging. Having been around the Fogg Dam area for a number of days it was only a matter of time before a passing storm might provide the right mix of naturally occurring events. In the case of this image - the sun came out from behind a cloud to give those top end colours we live for. The clouds had enough contrast to provide the threatening look with the greens of the wetlands in the foreground.

All I needed was a lightning strike.

This time my patience was rewarded and everything came together as seen in this image.

The Territory

Paul's Lightning Photography Tips

Photographing lightning is the same as any other photography. It all comes down to light - how much light is coming from the lightning itself and adjust your settings to suit. Be careful reading sites that dictate what the optimal settings are for lightning, because if you understand light you will realise that the manual settings on a camera are used to control the light reaching the film or sensor, and the way those settings are used controls the creativity of the shot. This easily means there are no perfect settings - because it is up to you the photographer to have settings that achieve the result you actually want.