One of the challenges in Darwin is to photograph a sunset that only I have, now that is impossible because I would think not a single sunset in Darwin is not photographed by one, or many other people ever. The issue is then how to photograph it in a way that has not been done before. I achieve this by the use of tides and in the case of this image an incoming tide had started to fill a pool but had not risen onto the surrounding rock. The colour started to appear and with a few minor position adjustments I had composed my image.

Lucky for me this sunset was an extremely vibrant one, and the reflection from the pools of water is what makes it truly special.

Gallery Images/Panos/106452.jpg

Paul's Sunset Photography Tip

We live in a country where great sunsets are the norm rather than the exception. In order that your images of sunsets stand the test of time, look for those exceptional ones. Look for ones that fill the sky and create a presence that make people stand back and remember it.