George Creek

This location has tested me for a number of years where I have repeatedly gone back to try and get something of note. However, the point of interest for me was always the falls at the top end of this creek system, which is a local wet season favourite called Robin Falls just out of Adelaide River. I again targeted the falls and captured what I was after, but the flow was good so I decided to try for something in the creek itself. I spent much of the day walking the creek itself scoping out shots for the next day. Finally I settled on an area and it was about waiting for the right light. This was one of the better locations to capture an image in, as I can set up camp next to the creek and relax in the shade before taking a leisurely walk up the creek to my chosen location. It would be good if all my locations were as pleasant and comfortable as this one.

Gallery Images/Panos/106659.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Creeks can be interesting to shoot but they can also be a very busy shot, as in the case of this image. Take the time to walk the creek and look at different options on either side of the creek and remember what the light is doing. I chose this particular composition because of the strength of the centre rocks, left hand paperbark and the space where the water could flow to.