Native Point

Perseverance and patience is sometimes the key to capturing a successful image and in this it certainly was the case. I was at Dundee beach north of the lodge searching for an potential image as the tides were at the right height to give me something different. Following the track along the beach I remembered a tree precariously poised on the edge of the rock lined beach and I wondered if it was still there following the cyclone earlier in the year. It had survived and was to become the subject of my next capture. Smoke filled the air and the light was not the best so I was not entirely hopeful of getting a capture and this came to bear as I waited patiently as the sun dipped below the horizon. Disappointed 3 hours of waiting had come to nothing and then a strike of colour appeared.

Just when I thought I was walking away with nothing this occurred in the last light.

Gallery Images/Panos/68573.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Sometimes just when all seems lost and nothing special is going to happen, nature can throw a last minute surprise at you. Staying that bit longer can often be very rewarding. I still had a 2 hour drive home with this image and was quite keen to get on the road, but waiting proved to be the best decision.