Storm chasing is a favourite pastime of many Darwinite’s and visiting photographers, and I imagine there is rarely a storm that passes without someone capturing it. My challenge was to do so from the Evolution Building.

Many phone calls to Debbie and Eddie to see if they where home, coupled with many failed visits to Darwin’s tallest building, to achieve just one image. I was actually fortunate enough to achieve a couple during the season and found the golds and yellows in this image to be truly special. Sometimes I feel words are a waste of time when an image captures them all. Darwin and the Northern Territory is my home and this evening really reminded me why – not that I would ever really forget.

Gallery Images/Panos/105954.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

This is typical of my 'Find it, Learn it, then Shoot it' philosophy. Months had passed and a lot of visits had occurred without much really happening. I was stuck between learning and trying to shoot it. Finally something out of the ordinary happened and that perseverance paid off.