Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges has always been special place for me. Even though it can be busy, there is always somewhere to get away from the crowds. Following unseasonal rains, I decided to visit Ormiston to see what was on offer. Ormiston Creek flows through the gorge and out into the Finke River. During this visit, the creek was in flood, which provided me a few different photographic opportunities. As is typical of desert creeks, the water level falls fast and what can be a great image one day is gone the next.

Photographing big rock faces is always a challenge due to the shadows and highlights thrown by the sun, but a successful shoot can be achieved through planning and the use of angles. I spent a week in the area and repeatedly visited the gorge waiting for the water levels to become low enough to provide some interest.

Gallery Images/Panos/70172.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Be patient. Be prepared to wait around for that bit extra in a shot. The easy option is to be satisfied with the first shot. Look at the scene and determine how you can make it better. This may involve waiting for days or even having to come back at a different time, but it will be worth it. Remember there are now millions of images out there and you have to make yours stand out.