The Swamp

The Swamp is named so because although they are generally mosquito ridden and not very pretty - occasionally they reveal a hidden beauty, as seen in this image.

I was staying at Shady Camp Billabong which is near the mouth of the Mary River system.

Early one morning after an unsuccessful sunrise shoot I decided to head over to a nearby Melaleuca Swamp, which I had previously visited. As soon as I walked beneath the canopy I knew the light was perfect. Early wet season rains had given the grasses a chance to grow producing that young sweet greenness that occurs early in the season and coupled with the right light filtering through, created a life of colour that was truly special.

Looking around all I could see were trees in a truly natural way – everywhere. What did I want to capture? And how to truly show the potential beauty of a swamp?

A walk, some thought, and the result was this image captured.

Gallery Images/Panos/44617.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Don't get overwhelmed. In this sort of situation it is very easy to get the camera out and start going crazy with the shutter. Take a step back look at the scene before you and learn it. Understand it and even just sit there and enjoy it. You will be surprised what you will see and good images will show themselves even before you get the camera out.