East Point Storm

Darwin's tallest building is the Evolution building at 33 floors, which means when photographing Darwin from a distance the city itself becomes fairly insignificant in an image. My passion is outback and remote photography but living in Darwin at least gives me the opportunity to capture images without massive cities being the bulk of the photo. East Point reserve is one of those places where I can capture nature but not have to travel too far. The storms that pass over Darwin can be extremely black and dark and here we can see the lighter area on the left contrasted with the dark low level clouds over Darwin on the right.

Gallery Images/Panos/106192.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

As a photographer something will come naturally to you and it is that natural talent or interest that needs to be developed. Sometimes finding a niche in a specific genre is a positive. I am a remote area landscape photographer specialising on the places in between the highlights tourists go to.