Imminent Storm

Shelf clouds are fairly common in the Northern Territory as storm fronts move across the landscape. The trouble I always have is to include it as part of an image which immediately brings in complications of a rapidly changing composition as well as changing lighting conditions. I had seen this front approaching on the radar and headed to south out of Darwin to intercept it. I remembered some termite mounds on Tortilla Flats Road near Adelaide River and decided to check them out.

As I drove out of a series of hills I saw this a cloud formation in the distance that could hold potential should it continue on it's current path. Grabbing my gear I ran out into the paddock scoping as I went. I had time to choose my composition but I knew it would change as the storm approached. One of the major problems I have is I use fully manual equipment and fixed focal length lenses. This means I do not have the luxury of putting the camera on a tripod zooming in and auto focusing and clicking. I have to work the scene and the image and be sure of what I am after. Due to the technical nature of the equipment I use I can not run off every minute or so to get a new perspective. Practice has afforded me well and I captured this image just as the winds which are pushed out in front of a storm start to make it impossible to photograph.

Gallery Images/Panos/105077.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Learn your local area, you never know when you will need that knowledge. For many it might only be within a few kilometres of home or the local beach, but knowing it will make a difference when time is short and a sunset or storm event is worth capturing. For me my backyard is 3 million square kilometres and after 20 plus years of driving it I am still learning the secrets the Territory holds.