Sunset on Mindil

Mindil Beach is home to the Mindil Beach Markets which runs during Darwin's dry season months, but when the beach is empty it is a great place to look for interesting photographs.

Whilst Darwin sunsets are amongst the world's best I always challenge myself to look for the ones that are different, fresh and unique. Many times I visit Mindil Beach I don't even take a photograph because something seems to be missing. I had already tried this log a few days before hand but the tide was not high enough and then when it was the sunset let me down. It's all about the patience and effort of waiting until things just work. Finally pastel skies and water gave me that point of difference from the strong reds and yellows that normally occurr.

Gallery Images/Panos/105917.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Every sunset is great but true photographers and artists want the special ones which are rare.