Sunset on Nightcliff

A king tide, a great sunset and minimal people on the jetty and I was some way to achieving that different image of Nightcliff Jetty. When I decided to take the challenge on little did I know it was going to take numerous Spring Tides to get what I was after. The number of failures was epic with many not even warranting the removal of the camera from the bag. If it could be done everyday then what is special about it and that is what I told myself everytime I went home empty handed and that I would be back to try again. It had to be a King Tide but it also needed to be windy enough to create wave motion maybe I was asking for too much time showed me I wasn’t when finally I had a king tide with a sunset and light that affected the rocks as well as the sky.

Gallery Images/Panos/106231.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Don't be satisfied with the first shot if it is not quite what you want. The easy option is to say close enough is good enough but if you want to stand out in the crowd, mediocrity is not the way to do it. Keep going back until you feel that is the best you can do.