East Point

Darwin is known for its big tides and East Point is a great location to exploit the colours that come with these tides, if the light and conditions are right. Like many of my images I frequent the same location many times to learn and understand the scene before me. This rock outcrop near Pee Wee's Restaurant is a favourite spot for fisherman on the big tides as well as storm chasers for the view of the city. My challenge was to achieve not only compositionally an image not seen before, but also with unique colours. Like many images I always wonder if something special will come along hence the perseverance with the same locations. Low cloud and reflected light can provide that uniqueness, and on this day I was there to capture it. By using a long shutter I managed to use the fine silty mud in the water to give an interesting green colour.

Gallery Images/Panos/105599.jpg

Paul's Use Of Shutter Photography Tip

Shutter in the creative sense controls motion. In the case of this image using a long shutter stilled out the water and allowed the fine silty mud to affect the colour. Longer shutter speeds can produce colours that the eye can not see when on location because of the blurring of the water.