Watarrka National Park main feature is Kings Canyon which is in the George Gill Range. I have lost count of how many times I have visited the park and climbed up to the top of the escarpment, often before first light, with a head torch to see what possibilities there might be in the early morning light. On this visit I was after one image in particular - and is my standard practice - that is what I put all my energies into.

The Garden of Eden is a small black cold permanent water body at the top of the gorge, and only accessed by the rim walk. I knew what it looked like in my mind and understanding the angles and lighting, but I was now interested in how to find something that had not been captured before.

With that in mind I began regular walks to the Garden of Eden and studied it like I had never done before. I would sit, watch and learn until I realised where the shot lie. But I was not satisfied with that and needed a special lift to add the "what is that" to the shot because it is really a special place and Kings Canyon is one of those must sees on places to visit in Australia. It was then I noticed the way the light caught the black rock on the side of the gorge. It turned it a blue colour kind of like when light shines off slate at a particular angle. Found it.

Gallery Images/Panos/107523.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Find your own shot. It is easy to surf the net find an image and go out and take a similar one, but the problem is until someone takes that image, you can't either. For that reason I don't surf the net looking for images because I don't want to be influenced, and secondly when trying to photograph a scene I want to see it as if it is the first time. By doing this I can have a clear mind and find that something different. Not easy, but as an artist that is my aim.