Gibber Plains

The term gibber plains is typically an Australian term used to describe an extensive plain that is covered with loose rocks. The Pedirka desert is a typical gibber plain and has large areas of nothing but small rocks covering the ground. The Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia also has areas of gibbers but not as expansive and vast. I was travelling north along the Bandya Highway and was finding not much, so settled on a possible morning capture.

The alarm went off as is custom before any hint of light begins to show and I was disappointed to see no stars in the skies above. Tempting to roll over and get some more sleep, and even easier as there is no one to motivate me - and it was nearly zero degrees outside my swag! Eventually I got up and went for a walk just in case. I was glad I did because it gave me something different as you see here.

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Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Get out of bed. You will be amazed at what happens at first light.