The EJ

I found this EJ Holden about four years before I actually photographed it. Visit after visit I always found something didn't tell the right story - be it the grass was too long or the sky was boring or I was in the area at the wrong time of day. It's all good though because I don't think you can force an image.

I was out storm chasing in the Victoria River area with a couple of mates and thought it was a good time to drop in and check on the wrecked EJ to see what possibilities it held. I was really surprised at how dry the ground was because it was wet season and a few storms had passed through recently.

Some fun was had while the three of us tried to all get our cameras in the same spot, because it just worked. Eventually the EJ was immortalised forever.

Gallery Images/Panos/112473.jpg

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Patience - you can't rush the shot. To move from being a happy snapper to an artist you need to recognise when the real shot is there, when the story captured as an image is ready to be told. The EJ took years before I told her story.