The Science of Printing and Framing

With nearly 10 years of experience in printing and framing, many courses attended, many experts spoken to, and much research and development - we at Paul Arnold Photography understand image and framing quality is more than putting ink on paper and sticking it in a frame.

We pride ourselves in learning the unknown and understanding the full range of image reproduction options, papers and inks as well as the difference between brands of framing components - be they mat boards, glass, acrylic, laminates etc.

These days it is easy to copy and paste information from the major brands websites and sell a product. But do you really know what you are purchasing and how long it will last?

It is a science to know how all components relate to each other and how to get the best out of each component. Whether it is a photographic print, canvas, framed image or an acrylic mount - we take quality very seriously.

It all starts with the best possible camera gear to capture the image at its highest resolution. The correct gear also ensures that there is no need to crop an image after capture. This means that what you get is the full size image with all available data - this is how we are able to produce crisp detailed images up to 3 meters in width.

The next step is in the production of the image itself utilising the latest printer, paper and ink technology. By using this technology we are able to provide a colour gamut far exceeding lower quality printers and give a life and richness to our images that only comes with knowledge and experience.

Now all of this quality can possibly be negated by simply using an inferior quality product in your framing process.

Should you wish to know more about our quality and our knowledge about the science of framing please contact us