The Croc Car - Team 25 - The Story

After several years of supporting Variety NT and having been involved in a couple of bashes the infectious nature of bashing had crept in and Julie and I decided it was a good idea to get our own car.

As it happened the 2013 Bash went from Tanunda to Aileron near Alice Springs - where a bash car was for sale. It was a 1966 Holden HR currently decked out as the 'Bush Brides' by Jo Fogarty and Keryl Evans. A test drive, a few thoughts and a deal was struck.

The Croc Car - Team 25 - The Story

A new team was about to be born and many ideas were tossed around. Different names, different themes and concepts. Bearing in mind it had to achieve the aim of a Bash Car. For those who do not know - a Bash Car is paid for, owned, maintained and run by one or a group of people. All costs involved with the car are covered by the individual or group, ensuring all fundraising dollars go to directly Variety.

Then what? Well the uniquely themed car is then used in a number of creative ways to firstly raise money for Variety in the state or territory of which the car is entered into for the Bash. The monies raised by each car goes into the state or territory's budget to spend on kids in that territory or state with special needs to help them live, laugh and learn.

Why would people put their own money into an old car, theme it, maintain it and then also run events to raise money. The smile of the kids faces and knowing you helped make it happen is why. A lot of people across Australia use fun cars to help raise money and then once a year they celebrate with a Bash. Someone once said to me that it is like a wedding every year where you all get together, reminisce about the year that was, and drive old cars across some of the roughest tracks in the country. The Variety Bash is not a rally or race it is a celebration of good times with a great cause.

The Croc Car - Team 25 - The Story

So with that in mind we needed a 'Territory' car. A car that was recognisable , a car that was fun, and a car that is educational.

The Croc Car was born :)

Step 1 was to say good bye to the Bush Brides. Roof rack and stickers all came off.

Step 2 was to find a Croc. Well for all things big - Allora Gardens Nursery was the answer. Thanks to Estelle and Porky for their help. The Croc was then man-handled up 6 stories for its make over.

The Croc Car - Team 25 - The Story

Step 3 Some plastic surgery and a face lift. Protec in Catterthun Street Winnellie was the choice for paint, and thanks to Luke there for his invaluable advice.

Step 4 Make the croc look real. In came Essington Year 12 student, photographer and artist Nakita Pollock. Mixing multiple paint colours is a skill and it is impressive to watch someone so young have such a great eye for detail and match colours from just a photograph.

The Croc Car - Team 25 - The Story

Step 5 The car needs a makeover! In comes the expertise of Sign City NT. A huge thanks is owed to these guys as the entire makeover was donated as sponsorship of the Croc Car.

Step 6 Was some roof rack modifications to build a frame to hold the life size beast. Some help from my good mate Simon got the task accomplished.

Voila!! One Croc Car is complete.