5 Landscape Photography Tips

Experience comes with time and these 5 tips and thoughts are to help develop your photographic mind and decision process.

Patience - you can't rush the shot. To move from being a happy snapper to an artist you need to recognise when the real shot is there, when the story captured as an image is ready to be told. Sometimes it can take years before I release a scene because the story is missing. The EJ took years before I told her story. Click here to read more about The EJ

See the moment - The easy option for most digital photographers is to click away - and then go home and sift through hundreds of images to find the right one. Having practiced the art of using my eye and noting the subtle changes, I can watch and enjoy the scene looking for that one moment in time, and taking just one image that captures that perfect light. Click here to read about Serenity

Quality over Quantity - Rather than go for quantity and capture every action during an event like lightning remember composition can make a lesser lightning bolt look better. Be happy to miss a few events in order when you get something it is a complete image. To read more about this go to Wildhorse Lightning

See the future - Paying attention to what is around you and imagining what it would like under different conditions is a big part of photography. Many times you will visit an area and it is missing something. Don't write the scene off but try and imagine what it would be like with different lighting conditions. Click here to read about The Sticks

Learn your subject - Sunrise can be typically hard to shoot because the window of perfect light is generally quite short. If you know and understand what is going to happen with the light you can predict and be ready instead of being out of position. To see how I use this idea go to The Fingers

Get out there and enjoy it.