Goose Lagoon

For me there will always be something special about sleeping outside. The dry season skies are inky black with millions and millions of stars, the nights are cool and waking up in a swag refreshed from the clean air is something no 5 star hotel will ever beat.

The alarm goes off and the day begins in darkness, the morning light creeps into and lifts the blackness from the night skies. At first, it is just a slight lightening of the sky, followed by a hint of colour in the emergence of an orange band on the horizon. It is that stillness of Mother Nature awakening that makes every morning special.

However, words and images can paint a very different story to reality.

In the case of this sunrise on a remote Territory Billabong, the thousands of mosquitoes determined to attack every part of me, my clothes offering no protection in the face of their savageness where in stark contrast to the scene. Then there were the thousands of geese that inhabited the area and their incessant honking. This sunrise was indeed a peaceful one - but only to the eye.

Goose Lagoon

Paul's Landscape Photography Tip

Have plenty of mosquito repellant with you or use a "Thermacell" which is one of the few products that work in the field without spraying yourself.

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