Collectors Portfolio

Collectors Portfolio


My new limited edition artworks aren’t like anything I have done before and that’s exciting. They consist of aerial’s, black & whites, textures and outback art that will make the perfect addition to any home or office.

Check out my new limited edition landing page. 204471_Banner_2.jpg

I have collected these images over the past 5 years on the Phase One medium format camera system. My original camera was an 80mp and then in December 2016 I upgraded to the 100mp. These camera systems are technological master pieces and without a doubt in my opinion the best cameras in the world. Apart from the colour range, clarity and detail that is amazing, the dynamic range (the ability to capture the widest range of shadows to highlights) is unbeatable. This means I do not have to hdr or composite images and can present a range of images that are all single shot captures.

All images are limited in their release which means there will only ever be 5, 10 or 25 prints (depending on the image) made of each, with no exceptions, re-editions or sneaky different edition runs for different sizes or paper types. This allows piece of mind that you own a unique piece of art.

A range of sizes are available between 20” and 60” depending on images.

There are two finishes available, acrylic and print only. Regardless of size or finish I will still only print the 5, 10 or 25 prints for that photo.

Why don’t we offer framing? Because we want to allow you the choice of frame that you think best suits the image and your home or office furnishings. This also allows for easy transport for those living outside Darwin. If you do however require us to organise framing, please contact us.

Prices for limited editions with only 10 prints available start at $1000.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

To view our new limited edition web page please click here.

Collectors Portfolio