Paul Arnold Workshops

I am happy to announce that I am starting my workshops/tours again. About time, I know!

Although each workshop will be different they all have one thing in common and that’s to get you off those automatic settings and learning how to be fully manual in your photography. With a better understanding and a greater knowledge of aspects such as histograms, lighting, apertures, shutter speed and ISO’s etc, I guarantee your images will be taken to the next level.

Paul Arnold Workshops

I have developed a workflow method that I would like to share with you that allows you to set some settings and proceed until you activate the shutter and can check your image. It’s about taking control of the camera so you know how to make changes and correct what you need to correct instead of letting the auto setting change what it thinks should be changed.

I am running beginners workshops aimed at helping you learn how to properly use your camera and the technical aspects needed to help you become a better photographer. I also have a follow on course which can be taken by itself or following on from the beginner workshop. This workshop is on location and designed to get inside my mind to see what I see and how I analyse a scene. I also wanted to put together a very casual workshop that gets you out amongst the landscape. Learn the skills, tips and tricks to make the most of photographing at your location and then finish the day with a drink, a yarn and camping underneath the nights sky which is one of my greatest enjoyments.
Make sure you keep an eye out for more workshops to come.

For me teaching photography is about ensuring my students not only understand the subject matter but can leave knowing they can apply it and grow their knowledge in their own time. I have no doubt you will enjoy my method and it will give you confidence to explore and to grow as photographers

For more information regarding my workshops and for availability please follow the link below.

Paul Arnold Workshops

Once booking and full payment has been made you will be sent a pdf booklet with the tour information, terms and conditions and booking form. The person attending the workshop will need to read and fill the form out prior to commencing the workshop. This can either be emailed back to us or dropped off in store. It is assumed that by signing the form you have read the terms and conditions.