Paul's Rules


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Paul’s Philosophy

This is art. It is about the final piece appealing to you and not so much what is real and not real.

The traditional way of doing limited editions is to do a new number range for each size and finish which means the image could be printed 200 times regardless of the fact your edition says 1 of 10. Holding edition number one and selling later at a higher price is a method of artificially inflating the price. Paul’s rules are about integrity and the promise when you purchase one of his limited editions, it is truly limited. Paul’s limited edition art is driven by market demand and with a long term commitment in place. So he has created Paul’s rules...

Paul’s Rules

- Similar images from the same time are not used.

- Images must be a point in time and not repeatable by returning at a later date.

- All images moving forward must be shot over 400 feet (above drone operating heights).

- Images are not used for any other purpose except for limited edition books to be produced in the next 5 to 10 years.

- 10 physical prints released of each image. Fixed sizes.

- Numbers 8 and 9 are saved for Eastern Sea Board exhibition in the next 2 to 3 years.

- Number 10 is Paul’s superannuation and will be sold in 10 to 15 years time if the first nine have been sold.

- First 7, the prices are fixed.

- Prices are not negotiable.

- Deposits of $500 can be made to secure a number. Sizes and finishes can be negotiated at a later time.

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