The Journey

Photography has been a long term passion of mine. Some 10 years ago I translated this passion into a business and career. I started with a Canon 300D selling my images at the local markets in Darwin to earn an income and continue my travels. Very quickly I realised if I put in the hard work and long hours the results would come.

Most Sundays after packing down the markets late the night before, I would drive 3 hours to Kakadu to be on Yellow Water at 5.30am. Spending the day in a 12 foot tinnie with no shade or seat was like sitting in a sauna but I would stay on the water until sunset to ensure I was able to capture the extraordinary changes throughout the day. Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to processing and framing for the markets where I would be back selling my images on Thursday and Sunday. Long days driving, sitting in a tinnie or perched on the riverbank were standard practice to ensure I could get new material.

During this period I graduated through the Canon 5D series and onto the Canon 1DMk3 - 21.1MP. In 2009 I had compiled enough images from all over the Northern Territory to produce Capturing the Territory, Volume One. At the time I thought it was a one-off coffee table book.

Late 2009 I was introduced to the world of medium format and purchased the Hasselblad H3D - 50MP, selling my Canon equipment all bar the wildlife setup. This change provided me with greater clarity for my photography and brought my image production to the next level. The next 3 years was spent travelling the Northern Territory compiling the photos for Capturing the Territory, Volume Two which was published in 2012.

As I have explored, learnt and grown over the past 10 years the expectation for better images on myself and from my customers grew and grew. A continual frustration as a landscape photographer was the ability of the equipment to correctly reproduce the extraordinary scenes before me and as a result I changed cameras a number of times to achieve the high standard I was looking for.

As a result by mid 2012 the Hasselblad equipment had been traded and I was now in possession of an 80MP Phase One IQ series system. There was something about this world leading system that just worked for me but it was going to take a few years to fully understand and learn just what it could do. I set about travelling the Northern Territory again preparing to produce Capturing the Territory, Volume Three.

I had also learnt over the years not to expect a photo every time I went out. I am repeatedly asked how long it takes to capture an image - well in short most images in this book have taken 10 years. That is how long I have been travelling the Northern Territory’s 1.5 million square kilometres. I have photos of some areas I have taken 4 or 5 times over the years and they have never been released. Why? Maybe I just didn’t think the image was good enough or it was too similar to something else. My aim is always to produce images, even from the same area, that are distinctly different - it is easy to photograph the local area. But to consistently pack up, go bush and leave friends and family behind to travel solo in search of another extraordinary image is a different story.

I have travelled Australia for nearly 25 years now and covered most roads in the outback. For the past 10 years I have specialised in the Northern Territory. This latest book is a celebration of my home and the images contained are representative of the diversification that can be found within its borders.

I am not sure what form my next coffee table book will take but this is the third and final volume of this series. Three camera systems and three volumes seemed like a perfect fit.

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The Journey