Paul's Pricing and Sizing for Elevated Collection

My Elevated range is available in four sizes and three finishes.  These being prints, framed prints and acrylic mounted prints.  As per my rules there is only one of each edition with a edition run of 10.  Size and finish of each edition is determined by the purchaser.


Size cm’s                     80x60cm      100x75cm      125x94cm       150x113cm

Print                               $1500             $2500             $3500              $3600     

Acrylic Mount                $2500             $3500            $4500               $5500

Framed Print from         $2500            $3500             $4500              $5500


Square Prices                 28Inch            34Inch            43.5Inch

Print                                $1700             $2500             $2800

Acrylic Mount                $2700             $3700             $4700



Sizes are measured as the inked area of the paper, on the longest side.  Full specs will be updated soon.

Print sizes also have a white boarder around the print where the edition, name and signature are placed.

Framed sizes prices do not include the matboard and moulding around the print  and sizes vary according to the size of the chosen moulding.

Prices do not include freight.