V8 Supercars Championship Series - Core Staff Darwin Super Sprint Trophy Collaboration

Normally Darwin hosts the Bet Easy Triple Crown for a one weekend event but 2020  the year COVID meant moving a massive event like Supercars around Australia with all the restrictions and border closures was logistically nearly impossible so double event over consecutive weekends with a new event named Core Staff Darwin Super Sprint and it needed a trophy.

V8 Supercars Championship Series, Northern Territory Major Events Company, Mick's Ally Fab and Paul collaborated to make a one off trophy for a one off event with a one off aerial artwork and ye during a one off pandemic - Covid-19. As Paul always states, that's his speciality area - bespoke limited edition pieces.

First there needed to be a story and a connection to the race.  Supercars are about speed, skill, adrenaline and machines.  They are also iconic and known as "the premier motorsport category in Australasia and one of Australia’s biggest sports. Globally, it is recognised as the best touring car category in the world and a leader in motorsport entertainment." (Supercars.com) I needed to find the same story in a piece to really fit the race.

One of my favourite places to capture my base images for my artworks is Gunn Point some 40-50km North East of Darwin. On a flight across the spot when I was a passenger in my mates Drifter (a type of ultra light aircraft) working the area and he reminded me we were only allowed to go to a ceiling of 1000 feet because large passenger aircraft often fly overhead.  The heart rate is always slightly elevated when in ultra lights - but add a 737 overhead and that really gets the adrenaline going!!!!

When I was shown a sketch of the trophy concept I could see the three pillars on the trophy and originally had a thought of one river per pillar but then I remembered the Gunn Point flight and thought I had a piece with three legs on it.  A search through the archives and I found exactly that and I could see the three different branches sitting on each of the pillars.  

The river systems and the branching is something everyone see and knows when they fly into Darwin - iconic.  Ultra lights, passenger aircraft - adrenaline, a one off capture to be used for a one off event. It just worked and the artwork for the Core Staff Darwin Super Sprint was decided.

The end result - The Territory 2.0 Trophy.