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8000 feet or 2.5km in the air and the world is very different and the interplay of all
the landscapes can be seen. The interaction of humans on the landscape is also very
evident especially when it comes to the act fire. In the top end we need a mindset
adjustment to the concepts of how much, how often and what terms like mosaic burning
actually means in the context of the Australian landscape. I digress but that is something
I strongly believe needs change. The art piece connected is obviously a literal name with
where a decent size tidal creek flows between two tidal floodplain areas. The interesting
feature of the two floodplains is the amount of detail and the intricate pattern from the
downsizing of creeks and water catchment lines reaching out onto the salt flats. Being
close the Van Dieman Gulf the reach of the tide is still evident even neap tides and it is
the spring tides that fully flood the salted areas.
I referred to the effect of fire and this was a badly affected area from fire. Surrounding
the floodplain is an area of burnt country that in some areas is burnt back to bare soil
and the shrub vegetation has been burnt back to leafless sticks. Whilst this is great for
regrowth it is not sustainable year in year out and the non native more fire resistant
species of plants start to take over which is or has happened in the NT. There is a theory
we need to burn early to prevent hot fires later in the season. The key food for termites
is grass and if it is all burnt off early what do the termites eat. Numbers fall and they are
one of the food supplies for the top end ecosystem which has effects up the food chain.
Everything in nature is connected.

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