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Back at school I studied physics and years on I still refer to the basics that I learned. Fluidity is the continual deforming of a liquid because of shear stress. Shear stress is a sideways pressure and in the physics world it is a continually changing pressure which ultimately creates a wave like action. This wavelike action becomes very evident in substances that have no fixed shape like gases and liquids.  Fluidity is generally applied in reference to constant changes and in the case of this artwork
I have shown one good example of fluidity and one that I am calling a static example.
Firstly to find the true example. The water itself is being affected by that sideways shear force from the sand and mud banks within the confines of the river banks. If this was a video showing motion we would be able to see the wave and flow action of the water as it moves down the river. I enjoy flying low over rivers watching that often powerful flow action within the sea-wood bound motion of the water. If you take a close look at the cyans you can see flow from the shear stress frozen by the click of the camera.
The other example of shear stress is a static one and is the major bend in the South Alligator as it flows through the floodplain country. The shear stress is a permanent force and is probably rock that has caused the river to flow at forty five degrees to its original coarse. The water action will be wearing the rock down but for now the shear stress is prevailing and causing a directional shift in the river.
Fluidity was captured at 7000 feet over the South Alligator River In Kakadu

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