Barkly Rainbow

Calvert River Track - Barkly Tablelands

Barkly Rainbow

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About Barkly Rainbow

Remote, vast and wide are many areas of the Northern Territory with nothing more than a tree. In this case just a track and the open plains of the Barkly Tablelands. Exploring these areas of the NT is my speciality - out of range of mobile communications waiting for something to happen. The tracks in this image are mine and I was on the lookout for something to put with them because of the loneliness they showed. I was constantly watching the side mirrors especially as the sun dropped, providing that clean light that makes the remote areas of the NT. I was pretty happy when this rainbow appeared and promptly jumped out of the car and grew an inch with every step in the mud as it stuck to my boots! Thats the reason for driving kilometres and kilometres across the grass plains of the Barkly region.


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