Billabong Storm

Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu National Park

Billabong Storm

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About Billabong Storm

Mosquitoes and saltwater crocodiles - both are ready to take a bite out of you if due care is not taken and Yellow Water Billabong is a prime location for both of them. It is also a great location to view storms but extremely unprotected should you not plan well and in the wet season it is very hard to get a place to locate a tripod because of the amount of water. Runoff is however, a different story. The mud banks are starting to surface and if they aren't they are in reach of a ling tripod. One of my favourite times to visit the area because the crowds aren't there yet, the air is still free of smoke and there is the possibility of a storm. Perfect conditions just need nature to do the right thing. In this case the early morning start paid off.

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