Abstruse Edition 1/10

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1/10 Collection - 

Image Size 100cm x 75cm

Not every artwork has an inspirational story, or a bit of wackiness from my interpretation of what I was seeing, sometimes it just looks good. Well according to me anyway. Abstruse is one of those such pieces and it’s the abstractness mixed with realism that kept bringing me back to the piece to work on it. There is a strong geographical story playing out in the landscape and it is all about water. As are most floodplains, this one is relatively flat with just enough gradient to allow the water to flow to the tidal creeks, which are deeper and cut into the mud but are kept open by the ebb and flow of the tide. Take a look at the tide lines and patterns left by water and you can actually read how fast the flow is and from the topography of the floodplain and you quickly realise what looks flat as it is, taken 6000 feet in the air is far from flat. Take a look at the blue toned area and the immediate surrounds and you can see clearly defined wavy lines which is actually the top of the tides at each peak. The bigger the tide the further the line from the main creek and it can be seen much of the area here is very flat except a couple of areas which have very close drain lines which is were the receding tidal water flows quicker before slowing on the larger flatter areas. Off to the left it is significantly steeper as highlighted by the compactness of the drain lines as the water flows off at a faster rate which is different to the mangrove lined creek which is kept deep by the more significant tidal flow.

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