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Elevated Collection

Print size 92 by 92cm

Inspired by the scales of justice I used my broad brushed dabbing Impressionism technique to show case mother nature and the fine balance that is required to keep our environment in order as Lady Justice does when applying the law. The floodplain is that massive water storage system that exists between the rivers and waterways of the Territory and the woodlands and grass plains that collect our wet season rains. These elevated areas collect wet season rainfall and push it to floodplains where it slows and often stops before draining into the rivers. My scales of justice collect the slow moving water from the floodplain and carry it to the main river and it is this draining of the water off the floodplain that is a barramundi Fishermans favourite time and we call it the runoff. If we interfere with this system we upset the ebb and flow and delicate balance of the movement giga litres of water every wet season. Balance was originally captured over the floodplains of the Finnis River near Dundee.

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