Autumn Time Edition 2/10 - Acrylic Facemount

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Elevated Collection - Display Acrylic Facemount

Print size 100 by 75cm

The top end only has two seasons; wet and dry, but that doesn’t stop me seeing other seasons in a landscape. This one is a crossover between the top end and the Southern states of Australia, where the brown tones of the floodplains depict one of the four seasons, whilst the river captures the essence of the tropical wet season. One of my rules is that I am not to crop any of the images I take, which made this another technically challenging capture. From the air, I could see that the curve at the top of the image needed to run off the corner at the same spot on either side. This curved line balances the composition with the curves in the creekand the curves produced by tide lines pushing up on to the floodplain.


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