Bronzed Edition 6/10

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Elevated Collection

Print size 100 by 75cm

Bronze is a metal alloy made from Copper and Tin in modern times, but in the B.C. periods it was also made with arsenic along with other metal and non metal additives. The properties of Bronze make it a very strong substance and due to this strength, it lead to the Bronze Age in the fourth to the second millenium B.C. before the Tin Trade was disrupted and the Iron Age began. It is the fluid nature and colour of Bronze that lead to the naming of this piece. Waves crashing on the beach of Gunn Point are driven by high winds across Shoal Bay, creating a streaking pattern. The coppery colours of the silt rising from the sea bed gave rise to me to highlight this action close to the shore. But then, as I produced the piece, the colours of the back of a crocodile began to appear and I moulded the three iconic subjects together- the Territory coastline, Saltwater Crocodiles and age old Bronze.

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