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The Hippichthys is a genus of pipefish found in the Indian and Pacfic Oceans with three species in the Limmen area. These being the Blue spotted, the Short-keeled and the Beady pipefish and they are part of the sea dragon and seahorse family. Pipefish are a long slender fish growing up to 16cm long and are covered in armour plating, with a strange head that appears as an extension of the body. Living in the mouths of estuaries, and amongst the mangroves and seagrass beds these elegant and flowy fish are the experts in camouflage as they use colour and their shape to blend in amongst the sea grasses. This creek and floodplain area was originally taken near the mouth of the Roper River and it is the flowing and winding nature of the creek that links back to the resident pipefish for the area.

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