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The Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its sand cays which are a sand bar on top of a reef system. The are an integral part of the ecosystem and are often the home a diverse range of wildlife on and around the cay. Bynoe Harbour and the string of islands to the north which include Bare Sand Island has a significant amount of sand cays around the islands. It is one of my favourite places to visit especially when I fly over. The waters are alive with wildlife. I remember one time I estimated there were 200 plus turtles in the shallows of Bare Sand Island and the surrounding cays not to mention the rays, sharks, dolphins and countless other dark shapes moving in around the reef system. I think as Territorians we are lucky to have such an untouched pristine environment so close to our capital city. The other amazing thing about our Territory cays is that they are extremely dynamic because of the big tides and big rains in the wet season so no one visit is the same. The original capture was over the sand cays north of Bare Sand Island.Current customers library

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