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Spring tides across the Territory coastline can be 7 metres of vertical movement over a 6 to 7 hour period.  This involves tonnes of water flowing in and out of our harbours and river systems. Bynoe Harbour is typical of this tidal action and it is what makes and creates the amazing coastal systems that are the Northern Territory  The sand islands across the top of Bynoe Harbour offer a natural barrier and protection for Bynoe Harbour, but for me they offer a diverse range of patterns and shapes and opportunities that only nature can create. An outlet showcases the flow of water to the lowest points in the landscape, which causes slow and fast movements of water.   It is the slow movements that causes sand and silt to precipitate out creating sand bars and sand ridges, which in turn affects the water flow.  Eventually everything runs out through a drain to the deeper water.  These drains are where I target when fishing for the ever popular Barramundi.

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