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Pearls of Wisdom”. We have all heard the saying from ancient times where it refers to wisdom gained through experience. Wisdom takes time much like the growth of a pearl - the larger the pearl the older it is again much like wisdom. Unlike gemstones that require cutting and polishing nature completes the process herself and creates a finished pearl. The unrivalled beauty and lustre of a pearl reflects the environment from which they come from and up here in the NT we have some of the most pristine waters on the planet. Originally captured in Bynoe Harbour near the string of islands and reefs that are too the north of the harbour “The Pearl” for me represents the complete process. The reef is the outer that shell of the Pinctada maxima oyster from which pearls are grown and this protects the sandbar or adductor muscle of the pearl. From within the oyster and the adductor muscle the pearl grows as nacre is laid over a piece of grit or a bead if commercially produced. The pearl is represented by the mother of pearl or nacre colour line that that is nestled against the sand bar. For the pearl to be truly brilliant in its finish it needs healthy waters and the Territory like those found in Bynoe Harbour or Coburg Peninsula. The blue of NT waters are such a blue that only nature can make and that is one of the secrets for mother nature in perfecting a pearl.

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